Wedding in castle in Italy

Italy has a lot of ancient structures that emphasizes the historical importance of this country. The Italian castles located allover the country are of particular interest. They are real masterpieces of various epochs. Majestic towers, jagged stone walls, usually rising on the tops of hills or cliffs, they attract travelers from around the world. Some castles are closed for a visit and can be visited just outside. Others are well preserved in these days. Their polite owners are glad to open the castle doors to tourists. Many of the castles after careful renovation were transformed into luxury hotels with restaurants, spas, golf clubs, wineries and more. These castles are great venues for weddings. Some of them are presented here.

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How to Choose a Wedding Arch

According to old traditions, a wedding arch is a replacement of the altar when couples decide to marry outside a church. The wedding arch is an integral part of every ceremony. It is an attribute which will reflect the idea of your marriage. Besides, a wedding arch will be in most of your ceremony photos. Therefore, it is not the easiest task to choose the wedding arch which will be perfect for your marriage. This article is going to help you to make the right decision on how to choose the wedding arch for your most charming day in the life, your marriage day.

Floral Arches - Original Attribute of Your Wedding Ceremony

Floral arch is very appropriate for garden themed weddings. It can also be used as an accessory for the hall decoration in a restaurant.

If you decide to choose this type of arches you should also remember that every flower grows in the certain season, so it is important to choose such kinds of flowers that are available in the season. You can try to make the floral arch by yourself but in most cases, you might need the help of professionals. Choosing the floral arch, it is vital to consider other venue decorations and to check if the colour combination of the arch is appropriate for the bride and groom clothes.

Glamorous Arches - the Best Choice for Romantic Nuptials

Glamorous Arches are the constructions you can make by yourself or with the help of professionals. Decorating arches with beautiful flowers, laces, soft fabric, and ribbons will create the stunning and heartwarming atmosphere. Wedding location, as always, should be taken into consideration. Nevertheless, this type of arches can be suitable for outdoor ceremonies as well as for indoors ceremonies.

Creative & Unique Wedding Arches

The creative wedding arch is going to be just perfect for the couples that can't imagine their life without epatage and extraordinarity. It is allowed to use any materials - beads, metal and other improvised items that will be suitable for the mood of the ceremony. In other words, only your imagination is a limit of what to create.

Door Wedding Arch

Door arch is a universal attribute of wedding decoration which will harmoniously fit into every style of nuptials. Elegant vintage, rustic, boho - are only a few types in which door arch is used permanently. Door arch can be decorated with almost everything - flowers, fabric, laces, and with the engraved initials of the bride and groom.

In Which Cases the Wedding Arch Is Unnecessary

If you don't want to set a wedding arch you can consider other alternatives such as decoration of the tree or the columns. Your choice depends only on you!

5 trends for the wedding in Italy for 2017

Do you want to have an unforgettable wedding in Italy but don't know where to start? This article can show you the ways to make the wedding the most incredible and charming event in your life.


Olive or Green wedding

Olive or Green Nuptials (or eco-wedding) have become trendy since 2016, so the decorations have stayed the same since that. This type of wedding is ideal for romantic couples who enjoy spending their time outdoors. Every couple chooses the venue which is perfect for it. The variety is great: from a vineyard to a forest glade or a place beside the beautiful river where the sun plays the role of lighting. There are also modern botanical gardens that provide all necessary conveniences and solve the question of the hygiene. Green colour always looks classy and elegant; it is harmoniously combined with other hues and creates the magic atmosphere. Invitations with depicted olive will add charm and originality for your wedding.


Fairy-tale wedding

Fairy-Tale Wedding is considered to be one of the most popular trends in 2017. For example, you can make your wedding in the background of flowering apple trees that will create the atmosphere of comfort and cosiness. If you have a country house, this kind of wedding can be ideal for you. Weddings in refurbished barns and other agricultural buildings are favoured in the USA and Europe. These weddings are filled with branches and lanterns, the decorations are natural and connected with rural life.


Modern Boho - Something Original That Will Surprise Everybody

Make your wedding extraordinary and surprise all your friends and relatives. All of this is possible with Boho - new way of creating unforgettable memories. The main idea is to put yourself in unexpectable and unfamiliar circumstances and not to forget about the naturalness around you.


Olive wedding in Italy



The vintage wedding trend is still extremely popular all over the world. You have to place a particular emphasis on laces, fabric, old-fashioned vases and candlesticks that will bring a strong feeling of importance to your most special day in the life.


Nighttime ceremonies

Create your own dreamy night with candles and lanterns everywhere and with stars in the sky. This kind of wedding is suitable for admirers of the night because we all know that night is a special time when marvels are possible. Forget about the daily routine and enjoy the atmosphere of magic.



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