Wedding in Tuscany on a private villa.

In the heart of Tuscany, between Florence, Siena, Pisa and San Gimignano is located private villa, surrounded by vineyards and an olive grove. This is a unique place for a pleasant and carefree holiday.

Wedding ceremony, both official registration, and symbolic, on a hill among the reigning greenery of endless vineyards, decorated in the style of shabby chic, boho-chic or bohèmian - what could be more romantic?


Wine wedding

Thematic selection of weddings in Italy shocks! On the Apennine Peninsula, you can realize the most wonderful and unthinkable projects: vintage wedding, wedding in rustic style, “mafia” wedding, eco-friendly wedding, wedding in the marine, in the Venetian and in the medieval styles. This list can goes on and on, but I want to refer to the “wine” wedding. What is the beauty and unforgettable zests of such a wedding?

Colour trends for spring-summer 2019

What will be the wedding colours in the spring and summer of 2019? Many people involved in one way or another to the wedding fashion industry ask such a question. Sure, wedding dresses, decor and other things, that should be done at the highest level, and most importantly, brought to the desired colour scheme, are at stake. This year, according to experts, the list of primary includes 12 colours, which are complemented by four basic shades.


Wedding installation: its irreplaceability and effectiveness

Which one of us does not dream that the wedding celebration would look as elegant, luxurious and inimitable action? To achieve high goals, such an irreplaceable part of a wedding decor as an installation will help. Their competent selection and location will turn the wedding to a fabulous extravaganza and a real holiday. So you are guaranteed to receive
from this spectacle a maximum of pleasures and positive emotions!


Dance with parents at the wedding: an unchanged and touching tradition

An indispensable attribute of each wedding is the traditional dance with parents, so sincere feelings and touching emotions are expressed in this dance. This dance, coming to us from the West, is the most touching and heartfelt part of a wedding evening. Having become an integral tradition, it symbolizes unlimited gratitude to parents and a gentle separation from their family hearth. Probably we cannot fail to agree with this opinion.

The first dance of the young couple - the embodiment of the cherished dream.

They are about to put their wedding rings and play Mendelssohn’s march, and then they have to complete safely the official part of the celebration. But this is not all, so that such an event would gain its status.

Since there are other points without which the obligatory program will not be implemented for one hundred percent.  

As practice shows, its proper implementation requires not only knowledge, but also solid preparation. And you will not be mistaken if you name the first dance of young people as a priority. Perhaps it can rightfully be attributed to one of the most important moments at the wedding.

Traditional Russian festival "Krasnaya Gorka".

Surely, not all of the readers faced such a concept as the Red Hill-"Krasnaya Gorka".  Its popular name is associated with the first Sunday after Easter.  The Orthodox church gives this day a special meaning, linking it to the solemn repetition of holy Easter.


The dance floor

A lot of the newlyweds dream of holding a wedding in Italy And this is quite natural. After all, it is always associated with unforgettable and charming moments, which this magnificent country fully grants.

In addition to fine cuisine, fertile climate and magical nature, Italy is associated with wonderful music. Wedding celebration is always accompanied by incendiary dances. Especially the wedding dance of the newlyweds traditionally becomes one of the highlights of the wedding day, which is better to prepare in advance. After all, the most important is that young couples will be able to plunge into the incomparable and magical aura of Italy. Not so important is the genre of music, be it pop, disco or modern arrangements. In any case, dancing is an integral part of the celebration, able to entertain and relax guests. And what can you do if the wedding is planned in the open air? Of course, in this case, you need to think about the dance floor in advance.

Feathers as wedding décor

Do you want a non-standard and extravagant wedding where everyone feels an incomparable extravagancy? You’ll get it choosing fluffy and airy feathers as decorative elements. Thanks to them, an atmosphere of unusualness and grandeur will be guaranteed. You need only to select correctly the feathers in color and size, arranging them optimally in wedding accessories. Of course, you can try to bring the idea to life by yourself, but You cannot be sure that approach will guarantee the desired result. It would be better to rely on professionals who can implement such creative ideas at the highest level.
Your choice in favor of our company - NiKi Wedding & Tour - will be definitely justified, as our perfect reputation, excellent management and long work experience are trusted by a growing number of couples, as evidenced by many positive reviews.  (


Loft as a wedding style

A loft that recently came from the West is just now becoming popular in our areas. You will ask: “How does it so gain the hearts of the newlyweds?” There are a lot of obvious advantages. Thanks to it, you can create an interesting, creative and extravagant “show”, which probably will be nice and have been remembered for a long time. You know, this style, often called as urban chic, combines elements of old and new, focusing on elegance and simplicity. One of the main components of the loft is the selection of placement for such a wedding.

Winter bouquet

What do you need for a fancy and unforgettable wedding in Italy? Of course, you need the organization of the celebration at the highest level with thorough selection, as the proper style, and a unique place. In addition, the incomparable wedding dresses of the bride and groom, skillfully complemented by a wedding bouquet. Such an attribute is not just a tribute to classical traditions, but also an indispensable accessory of a young couple. You know, thanks to it, the bride is stylishly and luxuriously transform, acquiring freshness and splendor.

How to minimize stress during the preparation for a wedding in Italy

As a rule, almost all newlyweds, who will play a wedding celebration on the Apennine peninsula face the similar problem. This is not surprising, because there are a lot of issues to be resolved, organizational and administrative, and financial. And in addition, there are still many other nuances connected with the reception of guests, the official ceremony and wedding buffet. In order to succeed in all these issues and to minimize nervous tension, the optimal solution is to find an effective and reliable partner. Similar status has a specialized company NiKi-Wedding, one of the leaders in the Italian market.

Bride in a trouser suit - the trend of the 2019 season

 The year that comes to replace 2018 will be, perhaps, for many brides a very interesting and even extravagant discovery. Indeed, in the new season, the wedding dress will have to step significantly back, giving way to the marriage suit - one of the main trends in 2019. Since until recently, such an innovation was more exclusive, and the “pioneers” went against the rumor of the people. It wasn't so easy to challenge established stereotypes and classical traditions. Nevertheless, the opportunities opening up today for the brides simply shock!

Manicure for the bride

In the bride's image everything should look luxurious, amazing and irresistible! And this is already a proven axiom, which should be followed. Therefore, every wedding attribute, starting with a dress and makeup, and ending with shoes and manicure, must be perfect. It is about female "fingernails", that can emphasize the charm and personality of the image of the bride. Special attention should be paid to the main trends of fashion manicure to be at the height of the situation. And you will never fail, having incarnated some of the proposed ideas!

The main trend of the year is the skilful “mix” of styles, techniques, decors and shades, which give the bride missing charm and fascination. As a result, amazing masterpieces are created that every girl dreams of.

Buy Wedding in Italy


On November 13-14, 2018, the international workshop “Buy Wedding in Italy” will be held in Bologna (Italy) at the Isolani Palace (Palazzo Isolani).

Wedding bread

Today, it is hardly possible to imagine a wedding celebration in Russia or Ukraine without a traditional Caravan - an integral and picturesque particle that blesses the ties of marriage. This attribute is an age-old symbol of well-being, fertility and wealth, revered by the ancient tribes in Russia. In some historical events, such a cake was considered a sacred ritual, with which our distant ancestors could not be ignored. And it is not surprising that so far such an attribute continues to play a very important role in wedding ceremonies. But, what if the wedding should take place in a fabulous and romantic country called Italy? 

How to organize well guests’ seating arrangement

While planning a wedding, sooner or later, the question about how to properly seat the guests at a banquet table arises. And it is quite natural. As having solved this problem correctly, you can, on the one hand, make the upcoming celebration a real holiday and give it a friendly-soulful character. And, on the other hand, you can soften the psychological “roughness” between unfamiliar people, having achieved present comfort and desired freedom. Eventually, the wedding will be held in interesting and cheerful formats, which will have a positive effect on the whole action and leave an unforgettable impression.



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Thematic wedding

Times change and with them our traditional tastes. That is why, having heard such an unusual name as a themed wedding, no one should be surprised. Since today it uses an increasingly popularity among the newlyweds, pushing out surely its classical option.   What does such a wedding celebration constitute? It turns out that the topic wedding has a fundamental idea, around which the main action evolves. And even the minor details of the decor only stylishly emphasize, and complement the picture of the planned event. 

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