1. Personalization
There has been a tendency for the last years that couples desire to tell their individual story by means of wedding table settings. This includes decorations, place cards, customizing menus, coasters and table plans which are specially chosen to represent and illustrate the personal features of bride and groom. 

The main aim of such wedding table settings is to be unique and meaningful and to transfer the idea to the guests.
To implement your idea you can accessorize the table with unique plates, colored linens, cutlery etc. Use your imagination to reflect your style and personality in your wedding tables.

2. The 'unfinished' wedding table
Naked cakes, dripping candles, and foliage are the main constituents of this beautiful trend. It has been influenced by cool Scandi and natural materials. 
You can use floral arrangements such as seed heads, bracken, dried twigs, and flowers. Don't forget about highlights which can be added by using muted metallics, candles, and uncut glass. Tables should be wooden. Also, choose clean lines and minimal decorations to create the background to this style, avoid everything that is contrived and fussy.

3. Floral central points
This trend is concentrated on using floral arrangements in the center to add impact and color to your wedding table. Use high and low compositions scattered throughout the room to create contrast and expression. For example, you can take twisted willow and larkspur for high compositions and smaller versions with larkspur seasonal foliage and avalanche roses for the low ones.



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