No wonder, it is the purple color, inherent in lovely lavender, took first place in color nominations in 2018. Since it is associated with creativity, dreaminess and originality, which perfectly fit in the wedding toilet of the newlyweds and the surrounding decor.  On an equal footing with it by popularity, the color of mint, which is capable of satiating the celebration of stunning freshness and purity. In a tandem with golden, tender-turquoise and pink shades, it recreates unthinkable variations and mysterious effects.   

Following the unforgettable mint goes a majestic laurel, having become quite popular because of muted greenish shade. In combination with the purple, white and grey gamma it is simply irresistible and magnificent. For a lot of people, a win-win option is to plunge into a satiated and bright lime, created a perfect background for virgin greenery. Especially it fits young couples, who decided to hold a wedding in a rustic or country styles. Effective and harmonious can become the color of a lemon, personifying warmth, sun and richness. For good reason, being a symbol of elitism in China, it prophesies the fulfillment of hopes and the renewal of nature. 

An excellent addition to the main color can be such inclusions as ultraviolet, dark blue and bright red. If the first color is firmly associated with the flower queen of the year-lavender, then dark-blue expresses a deep and pure shade of the watery surface. Capable «cooling» the action in any heat, it will give the classical options the missing pacification and notes of conservatism. In its expression, the burning bright red, named after Cardinal Red, creates in the wedding atmosphere not only passionate glow, but also enhances the feeling of luxury, nobility.



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