Among many occasions, the candy box began to use a well-deserved arrangement at weddings, especially in Italy. It is no wonder, because exactly this country has presented to the world the tradition of presenting to the guests candy bonbonnieres. As a rule, the amount of sweets should be unpaired and compose five units, which symbolize a long life, health, wealth, happiness and children. In addition, having become an indispensable attribute of the wedding ceremony, it serves to the newlyweds an ideal gift for the invited persons.

Today, in many regions of Italy, instead of the classic bonbonniere, people use its varieties which are typical for this area. For example, at weddings in Tuscany, Apulia and Umbria, you can find such substitutes-foods like olive oil and jam. In Sorrento and on the Amalfi Coast, a liqueur drink called “limoncello” is indispensable. Wedding celebrations in Venice cannot be imagined without souvenirs made of Italian ceramics, leather or Murano glass. On the Apennine peninsula also gift items made of silver or gold, which are presented depending on the solvency and wishes of the newlyweds, are not an exception.

Besides the content of bonbonnieres a special place is given to their stylish design. Among the traditional forms, such as a pouch and a box, you can create unrepeatable images. Uniquely will be a magical chest, an inimitable souvenir, a fiery heart or a fragrant flower that can irresistibly please the guests. The magical atmosphere enveloping the bonbonniere is harmoniously complemented by their convenient disposition at a particular table on the banquet area. And at last, the magic moment of gift from the young couple that comes after cutting the wedding cake marks a solemn act of thanking guests.




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