If the decision of a young couple to get married falls on a warm season, then, the winning option will be just a fruit and berry wedding. In fact, bright, juicy and ripe fruits, located harmoniously on the white background, create colorful and contrasting compositions. And what costs one delighted decor, supplemented with the fruit vases and seating cards in berry cups. Irreplaceable will be a dessert candy-bar and cake - the sweetest raisins of the table! 

Do you want to plunge into the bombshell classics of the last century, then, it is time to plan a wedding celebration in the retro style? Among the popular variations - Chicago (20 years), Great Gatsby (40 years), or an unforgettable rock-n-roll and E. Presley (50 years). With such an unrivaled «arsenal», you can recreate not only the pretty spirit of the epoch, but also embody the unforgettable miracle-carnival. And you won’t absolutely miscalculate by giving preference to such a scenario!

Fairly fashionable still remains a sea wedding, performed in a freedom-loving spirit on the background of the watery smoothness. Organized, as a rule, on the shore of the sea, the river or on a ship (boat with restaurant) it will bring to the theatrical action notes of adventurism and romanticism, a never-ending love of travel and adventure. Such a place may include a party of sailors or pirates, satiated with appropriate, both programs and attributes. Thanks to all this, the newlyweds will be able to feel the magical and happy moments, which will forever remain in their memory. 

If you want to make a real sensation and surprise the guests as much as possible, it is best to play the wedding in the style of Italian mafia. Just imagine a hot atmosphere of 30 years, in which blaze gangsters go along with marvelous beauties. And all this is accompanied by magic sounds of jazz. Eye-popping impressions and stunning scenes for the photo session will definitely be guaranteed! 



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