Usually it is given to guests at the very beginning of the ceremonial, but its content in a greater degree depends on the time of the wedding. As a rule, in the summer there put a fan, inexpensive glasses and a bottle of water for the face, in the autumn and winter - a small umbrella, gloves, wrap (shawl).

But, more originally and preferably look gift handbags, designed for thematic weddings. And it is not absolutely important, what style will be chosen for the celebration: romantic, bucolic, maritime or vintage. Every of them can bring unforgettable moments, but the wedding bags themselves will be with necessary accessories. If the choice will be stopped on the vintage theme, in that case the gift set can consist of a bag with petals of flower, a lace fan, photo of the guest, paper and pen.

Ideal option may be wedding bags, which are presented exclusively to a woman or a man. If the first category is suitable for a bag of heels, refreshing napkins and lipstick, then, for second - paper napkins, comb and rags for cleaning shoes. In any case, such a set can be supplemented with those accessories that can be useful in the different situations. Finally, the newlyweds, certainly, reserved wedding bags for children, who came to the celebration with their parents. As experience shows, tiny disposable cameras, books for reading and coloring (with pencils, felt-tip pens) and soap bubbles will turn out to be winning presents.    




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