We, the experts of Niki Wedding, engaged in wedding events, know that the seating plan for guests with the optimal configuration of seats should not be postponed until the very last moment. Moreover, while placing tables it is necessary to take into account such factors as the number of guests, the shape and size of the banquet hall and the preference of the newlyweds. Although today there are several basic schemes for seating the guests, the most popular are two options: round tables for 8/10 people and one common rectangular table so-called “imperial”.

The placement of guests at separate round tables is a European tradition, which has been honed for years in this area. And it is not by chance that it is becoming more and more in demand among young couples. It combines such advantages as comfortable accommodation for communication (from 8 to 10 people), convenient configurations for location in the hall, and most importantly, compatible options for guests according to their interests and degree of acquaintance.

No less attractive is the option, in which the seating occurs behind one common rectangular table, so-called “imperial”. Its distinctive feature and at the same time the main advantage lies in the fact that it is optimal for holding both compact and large banquets. In this case, it is worth remembering that with such a layout it is almost impossible to avoid certain difficulties in communication as invited people will be able to communicate only with their neighbors sitting opposite, on the left or on the right.


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