It turns out that on the Apennine peninsula, there is simply no tradition associated with the delivery and honorary location of the "bread roll" on the wedding table. Nevertheless, to carry out this procedure in Italian conditions is quite realistic. The main thing is to know the nuances with which you can easily achieve your goal. Among the necessary prerequisites are the obligatory presence of the parents of a young couple, and, of course, their desire to observe all the subtleties of a similar "ceremonial". Experience shows that this procedure is perceived by Italians normally, and its conduct does not become any stumbling block. Moreover, it gives all visitors present new impressions, lifts the emotional mood, and at the same time takes communion to the Slavic "shrines". However, in cases where the "moms and dads" of the newlyweds are absent, it is best to refrain from such a procedure.You can order a wedding loaf with us, as our confectioners can perfectly cope with such a responsible task. Thankful feedback and demand for such products confirm a high reputation, and, therefore, guarantee the excellent quality of the ordered product, prepared in Italy.


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