The year that comes to replace 2018 will be, perhaps, for many brides a very interesting and even extravagant discovery. Indeed, in the new season, the wedding dress will have to step significantly back, giving way to the marriage suit - one of the main trends in 2019. Since until recently, such an innovation was more exclusive, and the “pioneers” went against the rumor of the people. It wasn't so easy to challenge established stereotypes and classical traditions. Nevertheless, the opportunities opening up today for the brides simply shock!

One has only for a moment to imagine a lovely trouser suit, a stylish jumpsuit, an incomparable composition of top and trousers or even a captivating tunic and you are not kept from the desire to try on these outfits! For example, elegant sets in a tandem of shortened trousers and tops without decor that create a fabulous extravaganza look amazing. You can experiment with a pair of palazzo pants, and a lace top will look just right with them. In this way, you can infinitely admire others, feeling yourself like a real master of celebration.

On this background, wedding jumpsuit, whose filigree and attractive variations can create a real furore, are becoming increasingly popular. The preferred options are flared jumpsuit pants and a closed front cut with a low-cut back. No less luxurious looks design of the top with light and translucent fabrics with short sleeves or a train, and design of the bottom - in a business style. With such compositions the options with fur coats, feather boas and long mantles-capes are not excluded.

Do not forget about the matchless tandem of a wedding suit, represented by a jacket and a skirt. Thanks to this dual combination, the strangest and the most courageous dreams come true. In this combination, you can play with both model and style, having achieved style in both parts of the attire. In this respect, the traditional classics look very attractive - a medium-length pencil-skirt, emphasizing the elegantly beautiful forms of the bride. For romantically-minded ladies, a skirt should be decorated with pleats, flounces or pleats. With such sophisticated attributes, you can gracefully defile, captivating the views of the surrounding public.



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