As a rule, almost all newlyweds, who will play a wedding celebration on the Apennine peninsula face the similar problem. This is not surprising, because there are a lot of issues to be resolved, organizational and administrative, and financial. And in addition, there are still many other nuances connected with the reception of guests, the official ceremony and wedding buffet. In order to succeed in all these issues and to minimize nervous tension, the optimal solution is to find an effective and reliable partner. Similar status has a specialized company NiKi-Wedding, one of the leaders in the Italian market.  After all, behind her «shoulders» there is a prestigious reputation, excellent management and long experience. And all this is complemented by maximum consideration of the customer’s wishes and affordable prices for the provided services. And, above all, there is a fact that customers trust her, and it’s evidenced by the mass of positive feedback of the NiKi-Wedding’s activities. With such a professional assistant, as the newlyweds confess, you can solve the most difficult tasks at the highest level and forget about unnecessary worries. It should be guided by the golden rule: you should maintain constant contact with the selected organizer and interact with him/her on all issues. In this case, the expected results will be undoubtedly guaranteed! No less important recommendation is the fact that for a wedding celebration you should prepare step by step, performing the assigned tasks in a specified term and, of course, follow the advice of the organizer. First of all, it is necessary to determine the exact date of the wedding and select the location for the ceremony. Then you should choose a place for the banquet. It is important to solve the issue with the seating chart. It is necessary also to make a choice of decoration and wedding menu. As you see, there are lots of issues, so you shouldn’t protract with their decision. Moreover, special attention should be paid to nuances, which at first glance may seem secondary. Such “meticulous” but important details, such as seating chart at the wedding table, a play list for the banquet, transfers shouldn’t be left in any case for the last two weeks. With particular regard to Italy, preparatory activities are best started five to six months before the celebration, although the Italians start preparing much earlier, a year or nine months before the wedding.


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