What do you need for a fancy and unforgettable wedding in Italy? Of course, you need the organization of the celebration at the highest level with thorough selection, as the proper style, and a unique place. In addition, the incomparable wedding dresses of the bride and groom, skillfully complemented by a wedding bouquet. Such an attribute is not just a tribute to classical traditions, but also an indispensable accessory of a young couple. You know, thanks to it, the bride is stylishly and luxuriously transform, acquiring freshness and splendor.  For the brides who marry in the winter of 2018/2019, florists have prepared amazing and charming surprises. For example, a winter bouquet of beautiful roses with peach and cream shades looks kingly and warming.

No less attractive looks the composition of white roses in combination with bright green that gives spring notes and striking colors. The bride's image will significantly benefit from the presence of  colors that can dilute the snow-white atmosphere and give it contrasts that lack.

Do not forget about the thematic details that additionally decorate the wedding bouquet, the gray-blue or dark green needles, skillful rhinestones and the finest threads, and due to it, the celebration will turn into a winter fairy tale.

The selected color compositions in tandem with fabric and feather elements look rather attractive. Their unmatched harmony with fashionable accents creates a magnificent extravaganza of colors and attractiveness of the image of the bride. In this case, the desired effect can be achieved due to the long multi-layer ribbons that are in harmony with the main colors.

In the upcoming season, thistle and cotton, the use of which becomes an obvious trend, have special popularity in the bridal bouquet. And if the first “representative” of colors introduces a blue dominant and adds exotic notes, then the second one is a non-replaceable “carrier” of comfort and warmth. Elements such as cones and evergreens will also be in high demand; their natural appearance will add a final chord to the composition. Finally, it should be remembered that in its form winter bouquets could be so-called “Ragged” or minimal “constellations”.


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