A loft that recently came from the West is just now becoming popular in our areas. You will ask: “How does it so gain the hearts of the newlyweds?” There are a lot of obvious advantages. Thanks to it, you can create an interesting, creative and extravagant “show”, which probably will be nice and have been remembered for a long time. You know, this style, often called as urban chic, combines elements of old and new, focusing on elegance and simplicity. One of the main components of the loft is the selection of placement for such a wedding.

Generally, abandoned manufactories, factories, storage facilities and culture houses can serve as an ideal variant. Skillfully restored, these loft platforms become elegant and modern, and then they are rented. Moreover, they offer tremendous conditions for the realization of creative ideas and brave decisions. What the huge and open space, raw surfaces (wood, brick), high ceilings and metal structures are worth! You can recreate the real masterpieces of art with such a cosmic interior!

An equally important part of the loft is a well-thought-out thematic scenario that does not exclude improvisations. A great idea would be all sorts of quests and wedding contests, in order to give guests a missing drive. To fill to the limit the program will help zoning of area. Just in these corners, you can place game zones (karaoke, video and board games) and themed rooms (tattoo parlor, photo studio). Do not forget about the design of the hall, where it is possible to embody unthinkable fantasies. Here it is important to find the optimal color range, having found for her an acceptable variant of warm and cold tones.

Of course, the appearance of the room will strengthen the abundance of greenness and flowers, drowning in the light of various garlands, suspension lamps and chandeliers. In addition, fitting decor and furniture that can be represented by skilled things from different eras will complement the entourage. At that rate, not only antique vases and old-fashioned clocks, but also rustic tables with iron stools will look pertinent. In addition, it should be remembered that a loft-style wedding would be cheaper than booking a cafe or restaurant with the same footage. In addition, the main thing is that it will be a spectacular and unforgettable celebration, as each young couple dreams of.


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