Do you want a non-standard and extravagant wedding where everyone feels an incomparable extravagancy? You’ll get it choosing fluffy and airy feathers as decorative elements. Thanks to them, an atmosphere of unusualness and grandeur will be guaranteed. You need only to select correctly the feathers in color and size, arranging them optimally in wedding accessories. Of course, you can try to bring the idea to life by yourself, but You cannot be sure that approach will guarantee the desired result. It would be better to rely on professionals who can implement such creative ideas at the highest level.

Your choice in favor of our company - NiKi Wedding & Tour - will be definitely justified, as our perfect reputation, excellent management and long work experience are trusted by a growing number of couples, as evidenced by many positive reviews.

Feather wedding decorations

In many wedding accessories feathers will look elegant, glamorous and attractive. For example, a bridal bouquet with feathers or a banquet room, decorated with flowers and feathers. The most contrasting and classic compositions can be combined, creating captivating shades and bringing incomparable lightness.  Creative improvisations with the hair and shoes of the bride will also look elegant and attractive. Adding a fan or a wedding hat with feathers, the image of the bride will become an inimitable perfection. 
Invitational cards and “bonbonnieres” (Italian gift boxes, with feathers decor will help the guests to guess the theme of the wedding and the intended dress code.  And finally, you can stylishly decorate newlywed glasses, candles, cake  with feathers, giving them inimitable chic.


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