A lot of the newlyweds dream of holding a wedding in Italy And this is quite natural. After all, it is always associated with unforgettable and charming moments, which this magnificent country fully grants.

In addition to fine cuisine, fertile climate and magical nature, Italy is associated with wonderful music. Wedding celebration is always accompanied by incendiary dances. Especially the wedding dance of the newlyweds traditionally becomes one of the highlights of the wedding day, which is better to prepare in advance. After all, the most important is that young couples will be able to plunge into the incomparable and magical aura of Italy. Not so important is the genre of music, be it pop, disco or modern arrangements. In any case, dancing is an integral part of the celebration, able to entertain and relax guests. And what can you do if the wedding is planned in the open air? Of course, in this case, you need to think about the dance floor in advance.

The necessity for a dance floor for most weddings in Italy

The urgency of the dance floor is dictated, above all, by the fact that a lot of weddings in the Apennine peninsula are held in the open air.  As a rule, the wedding dance floor is allocated in a special area in the restaurant, but for example, if the Banquet is planned in the garden (ground) or on the pebbles, the indispensability of the dance floor is just indisputable. Its necessity becomes doubly important when the banquet will pass near the sea, lake or watercourse.

The NiKi Wedding DMC company offers the organization of a wedding ceremony in the nature, and also provides services and in creation of a wedding dance floor

Do not forget that some wedding banquets can be held both in historical palaces and in old villas. In such places, they are sometimes not allowed to dance or agree to the condition of using an additional floor covering, for which a separate cost is provided.


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