Surely, not all of the readers faced such a concept as the Red Hill-"Krasnaya Gorka".  Its popular name is associated with the first Sunday after Easter.  The Orthodox church gives this day a special meaning, linking it to the solemn repetition of holy Easter.

The Eastern Slavs revered this day for the beginig of Spring, marking it fun, playful and hospitable with  round dances, fairs and bride shows, bonfires, matchmaking and chants.  The name Red Hill, according to experts, has pre-Christian roots. In those days, the word "red" meant "beautiful", and the “hill” itself pointed to the place of the festivities. However, this day is mostly associated with the girl's holiday. Traditionally, the bridegrooms chose brides on that day, so all the village girls dressed in the best outfits.

This is confirmed by examples in pre-revolutionary Russia, when many weddings were celebrated. And the Red Hill itself in Russia was called "time engagments and weddings," which gave a successful marriage. It often happened that the festivities and weddings were held in one place and merged into one whole fun.

Very pleased with the fact that today the ancient traditions associated with the Red Hill, revive and are becoming increasingly popular among the newlyweds. The lovers want to check with their own example the prophetic prediction of the saying: “Whoever marries on the Red Hill will never divorce.”


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