They are about to put their wedding rings and play Mendelssohn’s march, and then they have to complete safely the official part of the celebration. But this is not all, so that such an event would gain its status.

Since there are other points without which the obligatory program will not be implemented for one hundred percent.  

As practice shows, its proper implementation requires not only knowledge, but also solid preparation. And you will not be mistaken if you name the first dance of young people as a priority. Perhaps it can rightfully be attributed to one of the most important moments at the wedding.

Take as an example wedding music. It must be chosen very carefully and thought out, especially when it comes to foreign compositions. In this case, it is obligatory to read the text from the beginning to the end, so that it does not contain words about parting, unhappy love and other nuisances. Equally important are the practices of the dance with complex pas (dance steps) and support, which should begin a few weeks before the wedding event.

Moreover, it must be remembered that a wedding dance teacher in Italy is very expensive, so the best option is to learn a dance number in your motherland.

In this “scenario” minimum spending and the desired result are guaranteed. What kind of tempo should be a dance performance of, the intrigued reader will ask? Recently, quite often people resort to the mix of slow and fast dance, which is becoming the trend of the wedding industry. It is worth only for a moment to present at the beginning of the dance lyrical notes, and then a smooth or abrupt transition to energetic and driving music. So you just cannot wait to be on the floor and feel like a queen of the ball! In order to strengthen the effect of dance people often use special effects.

Among the latest popular new products there is tinsel of sparkles or Confetti Machine, Disco Ball or special light and fireworks, which can give the holiday missing sparkle and real sensation. No less attractive attribute can be backup dancers (flash mob), when young people learn to dance with all the guests or with witnesses (amies of bride and friends of the groom). In order to succeed in such an element as the first dance of the young, it is best to ask for help from the specialized company Niki-Wedding – one of the leaders in the Italian market.

Best Wedding First Dance Songs (our opinion):

The Carpenters - Close To You
Mandy Moore - Only Hope
Stevie Wonder - Isnt she lovely Stevie Wonder
Ed Sheeran - How would you feel
John Legend - All of me
Sam Smith - Stay with me
Adam Levine - No One Else Like You
Lana Del Rey - Young and Beautiful
Jason Mraz - I'm Yours
Joe Cocker - You Are So Beautiful
Adele - Make You Feel My Love
Elvis Costello - She
Ed Sheeran - Thinking Out Load
The Platters - Only You
Michael Buble - Save the last Dance for me                                             



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