An indispensable attribute of each wedding is the traditional dance with parents, so sincere feelings and touching emotions are expressed in this dance. This dance, coming to us from the West, is the most touching and heartfelt part of a wedding evening. Having become an integral tradition, it symbolizes unlimited gratitude to parents and a gentle separation from their family hearth. Probably we cannot fail to agree with this opinion.

You need only imagine for a moment the dance of the bride with her father, and you immediately want to see this magical extravaganza.
Sure, in such a delightful mini composition an incredible amount of pleasant sensations and charming feelings, which can only be dreamed, intertwines. Therefore, there are all arguments for this. Each woman chooses a man resembling her father. Moreover, the father does not only lead his daughter to the chancel, but also passes her from his own hands to another man. Despite some restraint and seriousness of fathers at the wedding, while dancing with her daughter, they still cannot control emotions and even cry. Since at this very moment, when handing over the daughter to her husband, the father passes to him the duty to protect her and take care of her.

Against this background, the dance of the groom with his mother that for many newlyweds becomes simply indispensable looks no less attractive. Although not everyone knows about such a dance “number”, its performance will be harmonious and elegant and, undoubtedly, will take a liking. For in this performance the son-bridegroom invites his mother to dance, thereby expressing her appreciation and love. For her part, the mother is overwhelmed with feelings of pride and gladness for the grown-up son, which from this moment will be taken care of by another woman.

Often, at the request of young couples, choreographers will combine both dances into a single composition, having achieved both a solemn “parting” and a symbolic “connection” of the couple. Against the background of a beautiful farewell, a reunion takes place in the dance, on the one hand, the groom with the bride, and on the other, the bride's father with the groom's mother.

In order for the dance number to reinforce the impression, you can make a slide show with a selection of bright unusual family photos and video clips. Their “sensible accompaniment” will give the atmosphere a special sincerity and touching. In addition, on the final “dessert" - alight sparklers in the hands of guests and an unexpected burst of confetti.

Some songs, that we thing, can be good for both dances:

Celine Dion — Because You Loved Me

Elton John — Can You Feel the Love Tonight

Amos Lee- Sweet Pea

Tim McGraw - My Little Girl

Loudon Wainwright III - Daughter

Bob Carlisle- Butterfly kisses

Billy Joel — Just The Way You Are

Mariah Carey — Hero

Stevie Wonder - You are the sunshine of my life

Dream A Little Dream Of Me - The Mamas & The Papas



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