In this case, words from the soviet movie Office Romance (Russian: Служебный романtranslit. Sluzhebnyj roman) come to mind: "Nature Has No Bad Weather, each weather is Nature's grace. Yet, if the wedding is planned in the open air in Italy, then plan B must be initially, which guarantees a "cloudless" event in case of rain. Therefore, it is necessary in any case to order and pay in advance such indispensable attributes as a hall, a covered terrace and awnings (marquees). Even if they are not useful on the wedding day, the money will not be returned to the provider. However, this will have to be accepted, because the prestige of the planned celebration is at stake.

In addition, you should worry about umbrellas, both for the newlyweds and guests, having made an order from the organizer or having warned about the bad weather their guests. While conducting a thematic shooting or walking, bright second pair of shoes (boots) and colorful umbrellas will be indispensable for a young couple. We should not lose sight of the possibility of using waterproof cosmetics and easy correction of coiffure. In addition, rainy weather is often accompanied by cooling, so a warm cardigan or even a raincoat will be very useful in such circumstances.

While using marquees, as experts advise, you must equip them with a protective, waterproof film and provide a source of heat. In addition, the theme of "hateful" rain can be skillfully played in the wedding decor, adding to its style paper clouds and decorations in the form of raindrops. In order to maximally protect the bride from the weather vicissitudes, the best variant is to lift the bottom of the dress and, if necessary, to sprinkle the hem with special means of protection against water and dirt. Nevertheless, you should not forget that just during bad (overcast) weather you get high-quality photos that will remain for a lifetime.

However, it is no use getting upset in advance, if on the wedding day there is a bad forecast. In addition, it is not by chance that the Italian saying, sounding like “Sposa bagnata - sposa fortunata”, confirms this statement. Moreover, on the Apennine peninsula, especially in its central and southern parts, it often rains within literally several minutes. Therefore, that external turmoil will not be an obstacle to holding a holiday at the proper level. Finally, even in adverse weather conditions, you should be guided by the slogan: the main thing is a great mood, not the weather!





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