If in the West, first of all, in Italy, the wedding reception has long been "struck root", in Russia and other ex-USSR republics for people it is still a novelty and raises many questions.

In Italy a wedding often represents an organization of the buffet reception instead of the traditional sample that is supposed as a

Wide variety of dishes is among the main advantages. If at the banquet with “table service” all guests receive an absolutely identical menu (meat or fish), which usually consists of one or several snacks, one or two first courses, one second course with a side dish and dessert, then at buffet reception service the range of dishes is much more diverse. Furthermore, it always includes both fish-based and meat-based dishes that is very important for foreign guests, but is not always welcomed by the Italians. At the reception, all guests are given the opportunity to make their own choice in favor of certain dishes, and not to eat only meat, or exclusively fish, that the newlyweds had chosen in advance.

The next advantage is the saving on staff to service the celebration. If the standard “table service” needs one waiter for every 8-10 guests, then at the reception one waiter serves two and even three times as much guests.

Beautifully decorated areas of the buffet reception, so-called "islands", always look alluring. They are divided according to the type of products and the time of their serving. At the beginning, as an aperitif, we present the islands of low-alcohol and soft beverages and the islands of finger food. Then, as the main course, there is an island of cheeses, an island of cold cuts, an island of barbecue, an island of pizza, an island of vegetables and salads, an island of pasta, an island of seafood, an island of wine, an island of soft drinks. At the end of the banquet, they are replaced by an island of sweets, an island of fruit, an island of chocolate, an island of ice cream, an island of cigars, and at the same time the open bar begins to work, that is, an island with strong alcoholic drinks, digestifs and cocktails. The culmination of the buffet reception, like any traditional banquet, is serving and then cutting the wedding cake.

At the buffet reception the atmosphere is informal and friendly. This format of the event involves a lot of “liberties”, starting with watching a romantic slideshow, contests and entertaining practical jokes in different break areas and ending with an energetic disco.

Besides the inherent advantages of the buffet reception, it is not without some cons, which will have to be considered.

Its disadvantages, as a rule, include the lowering of the so-called status of “solidity” of the event and an unacceptable depart from the classics, which is simply not perceived by many couples. Among the evident disadvantages are also the impossibility of inviting a large number of people.

If you still remain a supporter of a classic banquet, but at the same time you like the buffet reception format, then our wonderful advice to you is to organize a buffet reception on the pre-wedding day as a welcome dinner for guests arriving from different countries and a classic banquet you can on the day weddings in Italy.


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