Surely, many readers are familiar with such a notion as “chamber wedding”. Its name is strongly associated with the so-called family dinner, which is held in a narrow circle of relatives and friends. As a rule, at this event no more than 15 people are present who are in the closest relations with the newlyweds. And it is quite natural that holding a chamber wedding has become a fashion trend in recent years. Its relevance is especially indisputable in the case of organizing a wedding abroad.

However, it is worth noting that such a celebration is not always a modest party. Firstly, this format supposes the presence of all the attributes inherent in a traditional wedding. There is everything from the development of the concept, bureaucratic procedures for the preparation of documents for marriage, and ending with the performance of artists and festive fireworks. So do not rush to write it off! What is it different from the usual one? First of all, we are talking about significant savings of the budget, namely of expenditures on the menu, service, interior decoration. Secondly, if you pay for accommodation and transfers of your guests, your expenses will be much lower than in the case of a wedding for 50 people. Moreover, the preparation of the event is distinguished by efficiency, often improvisation, which is valued by many couples above rubies.

Another positive moment is that cozy and soulful atmosphere always reigns in the chamber wedding, thanks to this, the newlyweds can pay attention to each guest, and at the same time offer all present guests informal communication and entertaining leisure.

Equally important is the format of the event. Most of all, chamber weddings in Italy are organized in private villas, where both newlyweds and all guests live. On the territory of the same villa, in the garden or on the terrace with a view, we hold a wedding ceremony, and the banquet is held in the form of a family dinner at the table. All those gathered get maximum pleasures and impressions from this format: walks in colorful places in combination with a professional photo session, dishes from natural products in combination with fragrant wine, memorable gifts, bombonieres and creative surprises!

Those couples who choose a chamber wedding in Italy, get a real unusual holiday at a high level, while saving their finances and reducing a fair amount of problems. Therefore, it is not surprising that chamber weddings in Italy are growing in popularity with foreign, including Russian, youth.


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