Wedding bread

Today, it is hardly possible to imagine a wedding celebration in Russia or Ukraine without a traditional Caravan - an integral and picturesque particle that blesses the ties of marriage. This attribute is an age-old symbol of well-being, fertility and wealth, revered by the ancient tribes in Russia. In some historical events, such a cake was considered a sacred ritual, with which our distant ancestors could not be ignored. And it is not surprising that so far such an attribute continues to play a very important role in wedding ceremonies. But, what if the wedding should take place in a fabulous and romantic country called Italy? 

How to organize well guests’ seating arrangement

While planning a wedding, sooner or later, the question about how to properly seat the guests at a banquet table arises. And it is quite natural. As having solved this problem correctly, you can, on the one hand, make the upcoming celebration a real holiday and give it a friendly-soulful character. And, on the other hand, you can soften the psychological “roughness” between unfamiliar people, having achieved present comfort and desired freedom. Eventually, the wedding will be held in interesting and cheerful formats, which will have a positive effect on the whole action and leave an unforgettable impression.



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Thematic wedding

Times change and with them our traditional tastes. That is why, having heard such an unusual name as a themed wedding, no one should be surprised. Since today it uses an increasingly popularity among the newlyweds, pushing out surely its classical option.   What does such a wedding celebration constitute? It turns out that the topic wedding has a fundamental idea, around which the main action evolves. And even the minor details of the decor only stylishly emphasize, and complement the picture of the planned event. 

Boudoir of the bride

It is not secret that on the eve of the wedding every bride strives to pay more attention to her appearance. AndthisisquiteunderstandableAfter all, similar arrangements, on the one hand, constitute the reconstruction of a charming and refined toilet beginning with clothing, decorations, and ending with flower-arranging and coiffure. On the other, the sacred ritual that internally prepares new bride for the fulfillment of the Sacrament. Thank to this, an optimal mood and a coherent image are formed that allows a bride feel herself a real queen at the upcoming ball.   

Bonbonniere for wedding in Italy

Bonbonniere is an ideal gift for guests from the newlyweds for wedding in Italy. 

The well-known word bonbonniere (bonbonnière) is borrowed from the French language and literally means candy box. Initially it was nothing more than a beautifully designed box for sweets, presented as an elegant gift. Not infrequently the bonbonniere was served to appropriate and solemn occasions, when it was necessary to pay attention to relatives, friends or selected individuals. Eventually, this souvenir has undergone changes that have touched not only the form and the content, but also the variants for its using.

Theme for wedding in Italy

Are you in anticipation of a romantic wedding in Italy? However, so far, you have not decided on the most appropriate theme, capable of giving to the celebration an exclusive character? In that case it is worth looking more attentively at the wedding «menu», which, according to experts, will become especially popular this year. In the proposed list - four popular thematic weddings, namely fruit and berry, retro (vintage, antique), sea and mafia (in the style of the Italian mafia). Every of them is a truly example of perfection, about which everyone dreams.

General Data Protection Regulation of the EU


Since May 25, 2018 in the EU, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which replaced a similar Directive, adopted on October 24, 1995, began to operate legally. Being intended to ensure the inviolability of the private life of citizens, this document has direct effect in all countries of the European Union. Its main feature is the introduction of an extraterritorial principle, which will allow processing personal data according to the new European rules. The amendments are primarily aimed at ensuring the rights of citizens and stimulating business in the digital age.

Colours of summer wedding 2018

Are you planning an unforgettable and elegant wedding for the summer? And you have already approached the issue of choosing the color gamma? Then, it is just right to know, what colors will be optimal for such a celebration this year? According to experts, just natural color will become predominant, complemented by soft and gentle accents. Therefore, today lavender, mint, laurel, lime and lemon are the most popular at wedding ceremonies. At the same time, its main background can be supplemented with bright inclusions, creating magnificent contrasts and incredible compositions. It is this color «constellation» embodies the wedding faction industry.   

Wedding handbag as a present for guests


Today, it is getting more popular such a trend as gifting of wedding handbag, which the newlyweds present the guests. And it is not surprising. The demand for such a tradition is explained, first of all, by a tribute to fashion and excellent opportunity to thank the guests.  In addition, such gifts can really bring to the atmosphere of the celebration merry moments, giving the invited person pleasant and sometimes unexpected surprises. Is it possible to miss an appropriate chance not to present to the public an «exquisite saucer with a blue border»? Obviously, not.

And now, probably, it is worth getting acquainted closer with wedding handbags. What are they, you ask? It turns out that its diverse assortment cannot, but impress. For example, a wedding bag, named after «welcome», in which the most indispensable things can be stored. 

3 Innovative Trends for Your Wedding Tables

Bride and groom always want to wow their guests with their table settings ideas. We have decided to make your choice easier and prepared 3 trends for your wedding tables that will pleasantly surprise your friends and relatives.

Wedding in castle in Italy

Italy has a lot of ancient structures that emphasizes the historical importance of this country. The Italian castles located allover the country are of particular interest. They are real masterpieces of various epochs. Majestic towers, jagged stone walls, usually rising on the tops of hills or cliffs, they attract travelers from around the world. Some castles are closed for a visit and can be visited just outside. Others are well preserved in these days. Their polite owners are glad to open the castle doors to tourists. Many of the castles after careful renovation were transformed into luxury hotels with restaurants, spas, golf clubs, wineries and more. These castles are great venues for weddings. Some of them are presented here.

For more information regarding weddings and stays in castles in Italy, please, contact us by filling out the request form or by email. 


How to Choose a Wedding Arch

According to old traditions, a wedding arch is a replacement of the altar when couples decide to marry outside a church. The wedding arch is an integral part of every ceremony. It is an attribute which will reflect the idea of your marriage. Besides, a wedding arch will be in most of your ceremony photos. Therefore, it is not the easiest task to choose the wedding arch which will be perfect for your marriage. This article is going to help you to make the right decision on how to choose the wedding arch for your most charming day in the life, your marriage day.


Floral Arches - Original Attribute of Your Wedding Ceremony

Floral arch is very appropriate for garden themed weddings. It can also be used as an accessory for the hall decoration in a restaurant.

If you decide to choose this type of arches you should also remember that every flower grows in the certain season, so it is important to choose such kinds of flowers that are available in the season. You can try to make the floral arch by yourself but in most cases, you might need the help of professionals. Choosing the floral arch, it is vital to consider other venue decorations and to check if the colour combination of the arch is appropriate for the bride and groom clothes.

Glamorous Arches - the Best Choice for Romantic Nuptials

Glamorous Arches are the constructions you can make by yourself or with the help of professionals. Decorating arches with beautiful flowers, laces, soft fabric, and ribbons will create the stunning and heartwarming atmosphere. Wedding location, as always, should be taken into consideration. Nevertheless, this type of arches can be suitable for outdoor ceremonies as well as for indoors ceremonies.

Creative & Unique Wedding Arches

The creative wedding arch is going to be just perfect for the couples that can't imagine their life without epatage and extraordinarity. It is allowed to use any materials - beads, metal and other improvised items that will be suitable for the mood of the ceremony. In other words, only your imagination is a limit of what to create.

5 trends for the wedding in Italy for 2017

Do you want to have an unforgettable wedding in Italy but don't know where to start? This article can show you the ways to make the wedding the most incredible and charming event in your life.


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