Alberobello is a tiny town in the province of Bari in Apulia (it. Puglia).

The town is famous worldwide for its amazing trulli.

Trulli are cone-shaped white houses with tiled roofs made without solution of the roughly processed limestone rocks.

There are about about a thousand of original houses, so that they form a very distinctive historic district of trulli. It is located west of the city center.


Bari is the capital of the Puglia region. The city consists of two parts: the old town with medieval winding streets and the new one, with straight streets and ideal form squares. The Old Town is a prime example of medieval towns. Over the centuries, various civilizations imposed their fingerprints on Bari that helped to create a special atmosphere. 

Bari is a maritime city. On its waterfront of Emperor Augustus the Fort of St. Anthony (it.Fortino Sant 'Antonio)is located. In distant times it defended the city from attacks of enemies from the sea, and now it is a venue for cultural events and weddings in Bari.


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