The city administration of Capri provides for civil ceremonies in two locations: the Town hall located on the central square Piazza Umberto, known as Piazzetta, and the Villa Lysis stayed on a ledge of the rock surrounded by rich greens.

For ceremony in Villa Lylis you can choose its panoramic terrace, the porch with columns or one of the internal halls (in case of bad weather). Newlyweds decided to choose this magical place as wedding venue, and their guests must be ready for a half-hour walking along a narrow path . But it's worth it! This narrow path will lead them to the unique fairy place where hearts are joined in love!

The Amalfi Coast (it. costiera Amalfitana) is one of the most beautiful, not only in Italy, but throughout Europe. Its charming towns — Amalfi, Positano, Ravello, Praiano, Minori, Maiori and Salerno - gained a reputation as an elite holiday resorts. Colorful houses climbing the slopes of the mountains, scenic panoramic terraces, landscaped gardens with lemon trees and colorful flowers, steep cliffs and beating on them waves, small bays with crystal water and hot sun - all this creates a unique atmosphere for your wedding in Amalfi coast.

Whichever town of the coast you chose for your wedding, it will be a uniquely fabulous!


Sorrento is a wonderful town located on the top of a steep cliff, opposite the volcano Vesuvius. The very special atmosphere reigns in Sorrento: mixed aroma of the sea, citrus and great variety of flowers, waves lapping, bright sun, charming buildings, cozy restaurants, beautiful hotels and boutiques.

The Town Hall offers two charming places for performing civil ceremony in Sorrento. These are the courtyard of a former monastery and the suburb villa.

Naples (from the Greek «NeaPolis» - a new city) is the largest city in southern Italy, situated on the picturesque coast of the Gulf of Naples, at the piedmont of the active volcano Vesuvius.

Naples today is a primarily city of arts, the real treasury of art and architectural works.

Naples is one of the most important ports of the Mediterranean Sea, from which daily ferries depart to the nearby world-famous islands of Capri and Ischia and ships arrive from other countries and continents.

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