The Villa by the sea in Capri is a detached residence in a wonderful garden surrounded by climbing plants and cypresses. It was built by the French Count Jacques d'Adelsward Fersen in 1905. Fersen found for his Villa a romantic place on a cliff peak overlooking the sea, with arcs and dome roofs to give it a classical flair.

The Villa in Capri island was formerly called "La Gloriette" but subsequently took the name of Villa Lysis as a sign of homage to Liside, a disciple of Socrates mentioned in one of Plato's dialogues.


Capri is a picturesque Mediterranean island in the Bay of Naples. It is a gem of the Campania region and it is known worldwide for its extraordinary beauty and mild climate.

The island is covered with legends and myths, by which it is called the "island of the mermaids" and "earthly paradise."

Thanks to romantic atmosphere on the island, many loving couples choose Capri for the most important celebrations in their lives - wedding!

The island of Capri is divided into two municipalities: Capri and Anacapri. They differ significantly from each other.

The city administration of Capri provides for civil ceremonies in two locations: the Town hall located on the central square Piazza Umberto, known as Piazzetta, and the Villa Lysis stayed on a ledge of the rock surrounded by rich greens.

For ceremony in Villa Lylis you can choose its panoramic terrace, the porch with columns or one of the internal halls (in case of bad weather). Newlyweds decided to choose this magical place as wedding venue, and their guests must be ready for a half-hour walking along a narrow path . But it's worth it! This narrow path will lead them to the unique fairy place where hearts are joined in love!

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