Venice (it. Venezia) is a mysterious city on water, by another word it is an island. Meandering waterways and floating nacelles, luxury palaces, magnificent churches and small houses, funny Carnival and mysterious masks, many pigeons and majestic lions, quiet lapping of waves and soulful songs, fishnet laces and fragile Murano glass, flavor of the wine Bardolino and the taste of cod are fragments of wondrous Italian tale called Venice. Undoubtedly, Venice is the one-of-a-kind island for wedding in Italy.

Capri is a picturesque Mediterranean island in the Bay of Naples. It is a gem of the Campania region and it is known worldwide for its extraordinary beauty and mild climate.

The island is covered with legends and myths, by which it is called the "island of the mermaids" and "earthly paradise."

Thanks to romantic atmosphere on the island, many loving couples choose Capri for the most important celebrations in their lives - wedding!

The island of Capri is divided into two municipalities: Capri and Anacapri. They differ significantly from each other.

Sanremo is the most luxurious resort with palm trees and numerous boutiques, elegant parks and gardens with tropical vegetation, with smell of vanilla and orange in the air. Sanremo is located on the west coast of the region Liguria. Sanremo is famous for its mild climate, which, according to legend, was presented by the goddess Matute. Sanremo is known throughout the world by its famous villas and luxury hotels with a high level of service and, of course, by its casino.

Exotic palms, soft warm climate, bright original color of azure sea create a very romantic festive atmosphere, turning the city into an ideal wedding destination

In the past Portofino was a tiny fishing village, but nowadays it is a resort in the province of Genoa. The village is very small. Its local population is only 437 inhabitants.

Portofino is the most picturesque port of the Mediterranean. It can be called a paradise, because it is so beautiful. The colorful houses create a rainbow along the headland. The small square `piazzetta`, on which you can see the Hollywood stars, the glamorous cafes and chic boutiques, the white yachts in a tiny cove, create a unique atmosphere of aristocratic charm.

Portovenere is a town located conveniently on the cliff of the mount. It was favorite place of Byron. Portovenere is very similar to the nearest towns of Cinque Terre by its colorful houses and picturesque port, but differs from them in its sights.

There are the St. Peter's Church located on the cliff edge, the medieval castle Doria, remains of old mills, the beautiful St. Lorenzo`s Church and the nearby island Palmaria with numerous landscaped paths and mysterious caves.

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