Lucca (it. Lucca) is a splendid town of North Tuscany, located on the west coast of Italy. It is completely surrounded by the city wall, which length is 4000 meters, and dates from the 16th century. This ancient city is impressive for its towers and churches, peace and harmony, unique views of the surrounding valleys and the Apennine mountains.

Lucca is especially beautiful in spring when it is immersed in rich colors of greenery under a cloudless blue sky.

Civil wedding ceremony in Lucca could be held in the historic Municipal palace - Palazzo Orsetti , located in the heart of the city. Its Green Hall with ceilings decorated with frescoes and wallpaper made from delicate silk or the Music Hall with its pompous burgundy curtains and antique furniture are a great venue for a classic wedding in Tuscany.

There are several historic villas of the 17th and 18th centuries, with beautiful parks and gardens near Lucca. Those villas have an exclusive right granted by the City, to be a wedding venue for civil ceremony in Lucca. The villas, once the residences of noble families, thanks to the quality of restoration work, still keep their former elegance and therefore are exclusive venues for wedding in Tuscany, both for the ceremony and banquet. 

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