This romantic neo-renaissance Villa in Tuscany today is a refined 5 stars Luxury Hotel with only 18 rooms. The villa is absolutely unique for its exclusive panoramic position in Florence near Piazzale Michelangelo, not far from the Ponte Vecchio, with a breathtaking view upon the city.

It is surrounded by an Italian gardenand a big ancient park that slopes down almost to the Arno shores.

The Villa is the perfect location for your wedding in Florence.  

The Villa offers the opportunityto organize a wonderful wedding in Florence by giving the access to the spaces that you need for wedding ceremony, wedding banquet and an eventual stay in the city.


Aristocratic Florentine villa in Tuscany, placed on the slope of Fiesole’s elegant hill, offers splendid views of Florence and of Fiesole’s landscape. The Villa was named “The Sfacciata”, in the XX century for its dominant position and its beautiful surrounding gardens and park.

It dates back to Medieval times when, we suppose, it appeared as a 14th century cottage with its pretty farm. The Villa in Florence was transformed into a palace in the 15th century.

Planning a wedding in Tuscany, the most of young couples consider as wedding venues palaces and hotels in Florence or villas and estates in the countryside of the region.

We offer you an exclusive venue for wedding in Tuscany - villa on the shore of the lake in a few kilometres from the sea. The proximity to the cities of art (Lucca, Pisa), a sea resort towns (Viareggio, Forte dei Marmi, the Cinque Terre) and to the cruise port (Livorno) significantly contributes to the uniqueness of the wedding location.


On one of the beautiful hills of Tuscany, a few kilometres from Pisa, a small village with a Castle on its top is stretched.

The first written record of the Castle dating back to 962. Since 1230 the family rebellious to the Republic of Pisa, Upezzinghi, took refuge there. Following fought between the Republics of Pisa and Florence in 1406 it was finally conquered by the Florentines and raised to the seat of the vicarage. 

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