Orvieto is a very ancient small town in Umbria. It is very popular because of its excellent location between the cities of art: Rome and Florence.

Its peculiarity lies also in the fact that it stands on a hill of volcanic tuff, pierced by many caves, wells and tunnels of all historical periods, from the Etruscan to the Middle Ages until the 17th century and later.  The hill is slowly crumbling, and massive engineering constructions were built to strengthen.


Perugia (it. Perugia) is a capital of Umbria (it. Umbria). It is famous between lovers of chocolate and lovers of jazz from all over the world. They come to Perugia in October for Umbria Jazz Festival and in July – for Eurochocolate Festival.

The old town of Perugia is surrounded by the ancient Etruscan and Medieval walls.


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