Venice (it. Venezia) is one of the most attractive and mysterious European towns staying on water. Meandering waterways and floating nacelles, luxury palaces, magnificent churches and small houses, funny Carnival and mysterious masks, many pigeons and majestic lions, quiet lapping of waves and soulful songs, fishnet laces and fragile Murano glass, flavor of the wine Bardolino and the taste of cod are fragments of wondrous Italian tale called Venice.

Fairy and romantic Venice … 

People come here from around the world to admire the amazing beauty of the town on water. This town captivates the hearts of lovers. Venice was named for the Latin phrase Veni etiam, what means “come back again”. Many people do it returning there to say the desired "Yes".

The Municipality offers differents palces for civil wedding in Venice


Civil weddings in Venice normally take place in the historic Cavalli Palace (it. Palazzo Cavalli), looking on the Grand Channel, the central “street” of the town. The couple can get the Palazzo Cavalli by traditional venetian “gondola” (nacelle) accompanied by romantic music of the guitarist. The invited friends and relatives will wait for you on the quay at the palace. Civil wedding ceremony in Venice is performed in the best halls of the Palazzo Cavalli which are decorated in a traditional Venetian style. Music on a violin or harp, performed by musicians in baroque costumes, will give a special charm to your ceremony.


 After civil ceremony in Venice you can head out hiking around city “calles” (straight streets) or ride along channels of the lagoon on a private boat and visit its colorful places, accompanied by a professional photographer . In the evening wedding banquet will wait for you on a hotel terrace overlooking the lagoon or in a cozy restaurant.


Wedding banquet in the Rose Garden with the view on the Grand Canal in Venice


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