The ancient villa of 12th century, with a history dating back to medieval times, is one of the most prestigious hotels de charme in all Europe. It is located in the wonderful Amalfi Coast. Its vibrant atmosphere and the awe-inspiring beauty of the location have attracted famous politicians and aristocrats. 

Over the years the villa has hosted the Duke and Duchess of Kent, Churchill, the Agnelli family and the Clintons. A place for passionate encounters, the villa has offered sheltered privacy for famous romances like Greta Garbo’s affair with Leopold Stokowski.

The Villa is the perfect setting for the most special day of your life (wedding in the Amalfi Coast), a magnificent historical residence surrounded by some of Europe's most beautiful gardens, high atop a promontory with a view described by Gore Vidal as “the most beautiful panorama on the Earth”.

The dizzying heights of the Amalfi Coast and the calm waters of the sparkling see set the stage for your special day, in an exquisite garden perfumed by lemon blossoms and roses.

The glorious gardens and refined rooms of the Villa by the sea make it a unique, elegant location and the ideal backdrop for couples declaring their eternal love for each other.

It is possible to organize at the Villa a symbolic ceremony in the garden with magnific sea view. The civil ceremony is not available in the villa, but it could be hold in the garden of the municipality, also with sea view.

Great care is taken over the food. The delicious traditional wedding dishes of Campania are made using fresh organic ingredients from the gardens of the Villa. Fine wines to complement the cuisine are expertly chosen by sommeliers from a well stocked cellar.

Wedding day in the villa in the Amalfi coast will be truly royal wedding in Italy.

It is possible to make the reservation for the wedding photo shooting in the gardens of the villa by the sea.  

(The above material was taken from the official web-site of the Villa)  




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