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This Castle is a centuries-old residence, perched on a spur of rock. It is a wonderful venue for wedding in the heart of Tuscany.

The Castle has a panoramic terrace looking onto the silence of the valley and the Siena hills where wedding ceremony and banquet could take place, among the scents of the vineyards and the lights and shadows of the sun.

The vestiges of the past blended with the beauty and practicality of the modern spaces are available for exclusive use for the wedding in castle up to 120 guests.  


The ancient villa of 12th century, with a history dating back to medieval times, is one of the most prestigious hotels de charme in all Europe. It is located in the wonderful Amalfi Coast. Its vibrant atmosphere and the awe-inspiring beauty of the location have attracted famous politicians and aristocrats. 

In 1884 a Venetian nobleman by the name of Count Giulio Rocca, built a beautiful villa in the countryside on the banks of the River Brenta.

Today the Villa is one of the most prestige Hotels in the Venetian region. It is situated on the embankment of the famous "Riviera del Brenta", a picturesque place where the flowing river slowly beats time as it passes by the numerous historical venetian mansions.


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