The Castle is a family-owned vineyard estate and winery in the Brunello region of Tuscany.

It has become recognized all over the world for its dedication to excellence and sparking a renaissance in the art of Italian winemaking.

A medieval castle towering above mountainous forests and lush, rolling vineyards expresses the speechless poetry of Montalcino, and endows the Castle's wines with more than a millennium of history and romance.

The origin of the fortress can be traced to the ancient Etruscans, but its deepest historical niche was carved during the Middle Ages.

Today, the Castle a rarity among Italian wine estates, not just because of its size (some 7,100 acres, of which around 2,400 are planted with vines), its composition of single vineyards, or its state-of-the-art winery, but because it was started from scratch less than 20 years ago.


If you wish to feel more the unique Tuscan atmosphere after the visiting of the Castle's vineyards and cellar, you can stay in a charming hotel Il Borgo. Its comfortable and elegant hospitality awaits guests touring the breathtaking wine country of southern Tuscany. Its guest rooms and suites are built inside the stone houses forming the 18th century hamlet aside the walls and towers of the Castle.

Along both sides of the sloping village street, the exteriors of the luxurious accommodations reflect the architectural beauty and heritage of a Tuscan past, while the interiors have been carefully structured to offer the comforts of a sophisticated home. Shaded entries from the quaint terraced street walkways lead to private hideaways handsomely decorated by Federico Forquet, Italy’s eminent designer.

The Castle could become a perfect venue for symbolic ceremony in Italy for lovers of excellent Tuscan cuisine and wine, and for lovers of spectacular landscapes and royal tranquility of the Tuscan countryside.

The hotel area, covered with greenery, gives peace. There is a magnificent view of the Tuscan valley from the pool. The evening landscape at sunset is especially amazing. Just come and enjoy it....

(The above material was taken from the official site of the castle)



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