In the province of Genova, the region centre of Liguaria, there are many castles and towers built by the sea as constructions of defence and sighting. One of them we can see in a small fishing town of Santa Margherita Ligure.


The construction of the castle dates back to 1550 when it was built by the Doge of Genoa thanks to a resolution of the Senate of the Republic of Genoa, who decided to build a castle to defend against frequent pirate raids of Saracen.


From the eighteenth century it lost its importance from a military standpoint, thanks to the cease pirate invasions.


At the end of the First World War the castle was restored and named in memory of the fallen of the Great War.


Restored in 2000, now the castle is a venue for civil wedding by the sea in Liguria. It is possible to organize the civil ceremony and the wedding cocktail on the terrace with sea view. The castle is also used as a space for art exhibitions.


Another Saracen Tower close to Santa Margherita is a small gem set on a spur of rock overlooking the sea. The Tower is a venue for civil wedding in Liguria. The access to the Tower changes from a ladder at the beginning of the promenade. In top of the stairs you will find a terrace where civil ceremony with sea view takes place.



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