On one of the beautiful hills of Tuscany, a few kilometres from Pisa, a small village with a Castle on its top is stretched.

The first written record of the Castle dating back to 962. Since 1230 the family rebellious to the Republic of Pisa, Upezzinghi, took refuge there. Following fought between the Republics of Pisa and Florence in 1406 it was finally conquered by the Florentines and raised to the seat of the vicarage. 

More than 90 coats of arms, left by Vicari and placed on the walls around the patio clearly show about their stay in the castle. The Chapel of the Virgin Marriage is at the centre of the patio, with ten features small cells where the detainees were taken to follow the religious services.

This Castle near Pisa is an ideal choice for small civil wedding in Tuscany.


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