Symbolic Ceremony in Veneto

The centre of Veneto region, Venice (Venezia) is one of the most attractive cities in Europe, staying on water.

Venice stretches on 122 islands on the east coast of the peninsula. Luxury canals and gondolas gliding over them, magnificent bridges, palaces (palazzo), churches and small houses, each of which is a real masterpiece of architecture and amazingly beautiful carnival masks could be a part of your wonderful Italian tale called “My wedding in Venice”.

The region of Veneto is not only Venice, but it is also the art-city Verona with a lot of villas, the magnificent Garda Lake with its exclusive palace on the island and castles, the wonderful Riviera del Brenta with its Palladian Villas and much more. The spectrum of venues for your symbolic wedding is unlimited, but the choice of destination is unique – Veneto.   

Symbolic wedding in Castle in Veneto

The medieval Castle being a national historic monument is located in the heart of the hills of the Prosecco Veneto, between Venice and the Dolomites.

The Castle, one of the largest and oldest in Europe, is surrounded by a beautiful park with a hotel with 80 elegant rooms, suites and apartments located in three different settings (inside the castle, in the dependance and in the Villa), a Spa & Beauty Farm, a sophisticated restaurant, a family pizza restaurant as well as pubs, wine cellars and wine bars.

Symbolic wedding in Villa 1 near Venice

This Villa of the XVII century is one of the famous Palladian villas, spread over revered Venetian aristocracy Riviera del Brenta and known worldwide for its magnificent architectural buildings of the late Renaissance, still storing traces of its former wealth and sophistication.

The Villa is an ideal place to celebrate your civil or symbolic wedding in Italy in an aristorcratic setting, in a world of elegance and intimacy, close to the enchanting Venice.


Symbolic wedding in Villa 2 near Venice

In 1884 a Venetian nobleman by the name of Count Giulio Rocca, built a beautiful villa in the countryside on the banks of the River Brenta.

Today the Villa is one of the most prestige Hotels in the Venetian region. It is situated on the embankment of the famous "Riviera del Brenta", a picturesque place where the flowing river slowly beats time as it passes by the numerous historical venetian mansions.


Symbolic wedding in Villa near Verona

We selected some Villas located near Verona. 

All of them are the wedding venues for civil and symbolic wedding and for wedding banquets in Verona.


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