The wedding reception is one of the main components of the wedding day. Whole success of the event depends on its organization and sophistication. Reception can take place in different venues: in an elegant restaurant in the heart of the Art City or in a cozy country estate, in a Medieval castle or in a Renaissance villa, in a romantic hall with a fireplace or outside around a swimming pool, with a fabulous lake or sea view. Variety of venues for wedding reception in this beautiful country has no limit, but they all share one thing - the incomparable Italian cuisine.

Wedding couples chose their wedding menu in advance for all guests from the restaurant or catering menu offers. Full wedding lunch or dinner usually consists of hot and cold starters, first and second courses, salads and, of course, the wedding cake. All dishes are flavored with red or white wine. (By the way, you can surprise your guests offering them a tour with wine tasting the day before wedding).

Guests sit at separate tables, signed for a family or a group of 4 - 6 people or, as alternative, make a wedding buffet. The last one has many advantages. First, it could be organized as indoor so outdoor. Secondly, you can invite more guests, you're not limited by space for wedding tables. Guests are free to move or walk in the garden, talking with all the participants of the reception. Third, you can save some money. This saving has no impact on the quality of service, and a variety of dishes and a unique place only help your wedding to be unique and unforgettable.

Our wedding planner will help you to find a perfect venue for your wedding reception in Italy.  


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