Sardinia (it. Sardegna) is the second largest island and certainly the first island in beauty and purity of the coast in Italy. Due to its marvelous scenery, rich cultural heritage and high level of service, the island of Sardinia is one of the most prestigious resorts in the world. Glamorous part of the island is the Costa Smeralda (the Emerald Coast). The pearl of the Coast (and of the whole island) is Porto Cervo,  famous for its huge number of celebrities from all over the world.  

Sardinia is the ideal island not only for relax, but also for wedding. Stunning scenery, emerald sea, velvety-soft white sand, inviting bays, exclusive venues are the perfect set for a luxurious wedding by the sea in Italy.  

It is a mistake to believe that only a couple of high budget can afford a wedding in Sardinia, because Sardinia is not only the Costa Smeralda with luxury hotels, yachts, boutiques and VIP-persons. Sardinia is the island of contrasts that combines the luxury of the Costa Smeralda and the simplicity of the picturesque villages, the noise of trendy beaches and the quiet of secluded coves, the exquisite restaurants, marked by Michelin stars, and the modesty home (but no less delicious) cuisine.

Civil wedding ceremony in Sardinia normally is carried out by representatives of the mayor's office in the Town Hall the following cities: Olbia, Cagliari, Alghero, Arzachena, Palau. Since 2014 the officials may conduct a wedding ceremony on the territory of some municipal beaches or bays. Request for a civil wedding ceremony on the beach must be submitted at least 3 months prior to the wedding date. It should also be borne in mind that part of the beach is provided for the wedding ceremony in Sardinia, that is enough to accommodate a ceremonial table, arch and chairs for guests, but the beach for visitors is not closed, which means that many unfamiliar people can become the witnesses of your wedding in Sardinia.

If you are looking for an intimate wedding ceremony by the sea, then we recommend to consider the beach or the bay on the island of Asinara. 

Upon request and additional fee, very often the officials agree to hold the wedding ceremony in the garden or on the terrace overlooking the sea.

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No matter what part of the island you prefer and what kind of ceremony (civil, simbolic or religious) you choose to say "YES!", in any way your wedding in Sardinia will be marvelous and unique. 



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