NiKi Wedding offers to couples wishing to get married in romantic Italy, limitless choice of locations for their wedding ceremony, for the reception and for the stay. Luxury hotels, romantic villas, charming country estates, castles - venues for all tastes.

They are located across the country in different places: on the sea shores and on the slopes of the mountains, in the cities of art and in the small villages, surrounded by many attractions and vineyards, on the hills overlooking the lake and on the romantic cliffs. All of them have their advantages: some of them charm by romanticism, others hit by their extravagance and grandeur or attracte by their originality and surprise pleasantly by their magnificence and elegance.

Many newlyweds prefer to rent a location in exclusive use for some days. Rent "in exclusive" allows the bride and groom to feel themselves like a royal couple, and it allows to the guests to enjoy the uniqueness and beauty of the celebration and at the same time to remain invisible to the public eye.

We will be happy to offer for your wedding in Italy the beautiful town halls for the civil ceremony, historic palaces and castles for the symbolic ceremony and reception, the most suitable accommodations, which will be tailored to your personal tastes, desires, and, of course, budget.


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