Two charming villages, San Gregorio da Sassola and Sambuci, located respectively 10km and 15km from the town of Tivoli are known thanks to their historic castles, which are the landmarks not only of these two villages, but of the entire region Latium.

San Gregorio da Sassola is located on a hillside. The medieval center of the village (borgo), with its castle has the origin in the middle of the 10th century. It was built as a defense of the first settlement. Its protective function was lost the value within centuries, and the castle became the residence of the rich people.

The last owners of the castle were Salvatore Brancaccio and Elisabetta Frield. They have significantly changed the appearance of the castle and enriched its by internal decorations: frescos, paintings, tapestries and other decorations.Since 1991, the castle become the property of municipality. Now one part of the castle is under reconstruction, by the way it is open for visitors and for wedding ceremonies. The halls on the first and on the second floors, as well as the large outdoor terrace with views on the plains and the village are available for civil wedding ceremonies.

As for the Castle of Sambuci village, from the 13th to the 17th century it has been undergone a lot of transformations, which were introduced into the lives by their owners in accordance to the defense needs as well as a tribute to their tastes and to fashion. The last owners were Teodoli. The castle was built in the form of rectangular. The frescoes of the 16th century are preserved in many halls of the castle. In one of them wedding ceremonies are performed.

At the end of the wedding ceremony, you can go to the nearby town of Tivoli and continue the photo set in the fabulous gardens of Villa d'Este or enjoy delicious Italian cuisine in one of the local restaurants among your friends and relatives.

Your wedding in one of the castles will be fantastic and you`ll feel yourself like Cinderella!


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