In the past Portofino was a tiny fishing village, but nowadays it is a resort in the province of Genoa. The village is very small. Its local population is only 437 inhabitants.

Portofino is the most picturesque port of the Mediterranean. It can be called a paradise, because it is so beautiful. The colorful houses create a rainbow along the headland. The small square `piazzetta`, on which you can see the Hollywood stars, the glamorous cafes and chic boutiques, the white yachts in a tiny cove, create a unique atmosphere of aristocratic charm.

For those who dream about romantic wedding ceremony on the see, Portofino is a perfect place.

Civil wedding ceremony in Portofino is performed in the city hall or in the castle, which is located above picturesque cove. In good weather, wedding ceremonies are performed on the terrace of the castle. At extra charge you can rent halls and gardens of the castle for a wedding photo shoot or/and for wedding banquet.

Civil wedding in Portofino could be performed from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 12:00.


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