Wedding is one of the most beautiful and emotional events in our life. Everybody would like to keep the memory of it forever. Your photos and videos help you to do it.

Not every photographer can be a good wedding photographer in Italy. After all, it has to be a reporter and manager, designer and psychologist at the same time, and he/she must have a fast reaction, sense of humor, must be sociable and aware of the latest trends in modern photoworld. But the main characteristic of a wedding photographer has to be his creativity and professionalism.

Our wedding photographers have all above qualities. They are ready with their cameras to accompany you and your guests in a preparation, a celebration, a romantic outing and a reception. They are able to capture every moment of your celebration brightly and beautifuly, conveying clearly the mood and emotions of the couple in love and their guests and the general atmosphere of the event.

The second step of creative work of our wedding photographers in italy is the color correction, cropping, editing brightness and contrast of the footage. At your request, photographs (black and white or in color) will be saved on the disk or decorated photoalbum. Additionally, you can make a photo shoot during the time of shooting in 3D. The photos will be sent to you by express courier within 1-2 months after the wedding.

Wedding video is a love story telling about the birth of a new family. It must be made by a true master of craft. Through his camera, he is able to create a work of art, where the main heroes are you — a couple in love. Our video operator will capture the most beautiful moments of event, will underline the most interesting details of your love story, so that your wedding video will be magically fairy tale about a princess. You will wish to look it more and more. None of your friends will doubt that it was made by a real professional.

Our Wedding Photographers in Italy

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Wedding videos

Here you can see example of the wedding videos made by our videographers.

Civil wedding in Liguria 

Civil wedding in Ravello

Civil ceremony on Garda Lake

Civil and symbolic ceremonies on Como Lake


Wedding in Sardinia




Wedding Video Trailers 

Wedding in Ligurian Mountains


Wedding in Lerici 1


Wedding in Lerici 2


Civil wedding near Rome



Wedding in Sicily



Symbolic Wedding in Amalfi


Civil wedding in Venice


Symbolic wedding in Castle in Rome


Symbolic wedding in Rome


Civil wedding in castle near Tivoli


Symbolic wedding on Bracciano Lake

Civil wedding in Florence


Religious wedding in Florence


Wedding in Verona


More videos you can find on our youtube chanel NIKI Wedding & Tour




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