Wedding Coordinator or Wedding Planner: who is she and why is she needed?

First of all - she is a professional person who organizes and coordinates your wedding in Italy. She helps the bride and groom to prepare the most important day of their life, taking care of all organizational moments and ensuring that everything will be made on time accordinaly to a predefined program.

Initially, wedding planner discusses with you all the details of your wedding in Italy and assists in the following:

  • legal requirements;
  • lodging paperwork with apparopriate civil authorities;a
  • Selection of the perfect ceremony venues and other services required for the event (photographer, cameraman, hairdresser, makeup artist, musicians, transport);
  • Talor-made program for the wedding day.

Your wedding planner meets you in Italy some days prior the ceremony.

On the wedding day your wedding planner coordinates the following:

  • arrival of make-up artist and hair stylist;
  • delivery of a bouquet for the bride and buttonhole for the groom;
  • preparation and route of the wedding car escort;
  • photographer and videographer;
  • wedding registration in the town hall;
  • preparation of the restaurant hall or garden for reception;
  • catering service;
  • preparation of the decorations for outdoor ceremony;
  • musicians and artists;
  • departure of guests back to the hotel or home by cars with a private driver.

Wedding planner also helps:

  • to answer on question of your guests,
  • to coordinate their hotel accommodation, transportation from the airport to the hotel, and on the day of the wedding - from the hotel to the venue;
  • to greet and to seat guests;
  • to conduct a walk and photo shoot;
  • to solve all unplanned surprises that could not be foreseen.

The wedding planner fully controlls the event at all its steps. Thus she allows the newlyweds, their families and guests to enjoy the wedding in Italy and to not think about solving any organizational questions.


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