The fact that the wedding ring pillow has become an integral part of the marriage ceremony is beyond doubt. It really serves as a stylish and refined frame of such feelings as fidelity and love, precedes the touching and unforgettable moment of the exchange of wedding rings. It is not by chance that this moment is retained in the memory of the newlyweds as a solemn and fascinating event, therefore, so the attitude to this accessory is selective and reverent.

It is interesting that today the choice of the so-called “vaults” of the rings is vast and diverse. Besides the classics, represented by a pillow of square or another shape, you can use a whole arsenal of accessories.

First of all it is a composition of natural flowers in the form of a pillow or a heart, miniature baskets with flowers, nests. Then there are books, saucers, jewel-boxes, ceramic coasters with the initials of the newlyweds and the date of the wedding.

To make a worthy choice that can exquisitely emphasize the beauty of your wedding rings and give unforgettable emotions, you will have to take into account both the color scheme and the appropriate forms, the choice of which will depend on the style of the wedding.

Nevertheless, it is worth remembering that against the background of such an abundance, the classical ring pillow are still the most popular and in demand. Their status is undoubtedly high, so young couples prefer them, especially if such materials as beads, ribbons, pearls, brooches and color compositions are present in their design.

As a rule, this decor is made by hand, which makes it a true masterpiece, and often, a family heirloom. In such a frame, such skillful things look amazing and gorgeous, attracting the eyes of others.

As experts note pillows acquire the growing weight during outdoors ceremonies, when the presenting of the rings becomes one of the tremulous moments. It is only worth to imagine for a moment that such a small pillow is presented by a tiny boy in a dress coat or a little girl in an amazing dress, and immediately there is an association with angels, who on their wings carry not just a small pillow with rings, but hearts of lovers ... (More details about the characters who can take out and present the pillows with wedding rings, you can read in our next article).


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