The fact that convertible dresses enjoy well-deserved recognition is not a wonder. Such outfits have become indispensable for many brides. After all, they allow you to elegantly and nonchalantly change your image, creating new, magnificent looks.

When the official ceremony ends and everything flows into the wedding with frisky dances and fun till the morning comes, the bride is not always comfortable in the hindering movements outfit, so the convertible dress becomes the perfect solution. 

For example, if in the first part of the celebration the bride can stroll in a long and magnificent dress, in the second part she would feel much better in a tight and short outfit. Doesn't it sound wonderful to first go to the reception hall with a luxurious tail sliding after you, and then dance in the freely gown? 

The answer is obvious. Besides, the offered range is impressive. You can get various and high-quality models, starting with modest and refined, ending with sexy and teasing one. And all of them are very easy to change, both from the bottom and at the top, creating a sophisticated and spectacular styles. Here you can use removable sleeves, detachable straps and transparent capes. 

The advantages of transformer dresses are complemented by their cost, because you pay for one outfit which actually consists of two parts. Moreover, such gowns can be worn in the everyday life, at parties, celebrations and other social events. 

These dresses are really practical when you need to move from quiet to active pastime during the wedding. 

However, besides the above advantages, convertible dresses have a number of drawbacks that must be considered while buying. The latter include the complexity of tailoring associated with seams and docking of parts. 

Given the exclusivity of the models, you will need a professional seamstress, who will be able to satisfy the most demanding client's taste. 

As a result, the price may rise, forcing you to look for a more economical option. 

And finally, the main disadvantage of the convertible dresses is the lack of reliability of "mounts" and vulnerability to physical influences. 


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