Although the weddings in the boho style started gaining popularity around the world in the last century, nowadays it is still all the rage. 

A significant number of newlyweds chose this cult-favorite trend for their wedding. What distinguishes boho from other styles, you ask?

Boho style is an extraordinary mix of creative elements borrowed from ethnos, vintage, country, gypsy culture and life of modern hippies. No wonder it's called Bohemian chic, that is able to fill the celebration with freedom, lightness and grandiosity at the same time. 

The most distinctive features of boho are incredible diversity and richness of colors, harmoniously blended with natural shades. Natural fabrics and materials are mostly used for the decor and outfits. Silk, velvet, corduroy, linen, chiffon, and lace are in great demand in this style. Do not be surprised when you see large volumes and multiple layers of fabric and other accessories. Vintage gizmos in tandem with drawings and ornaments embodied in fascinating stories are often used in the interior. 

Handmade things will also be appreciated.     

Thanks to the imaginative compositions, relaxed and country-like (rustic style) atmosphere is created, where every participant feels comfortable. All of this is complemented by the lack of dress code, which means absolute freedom of behavior. 

Special attention is paid to floristry, which combines garden and wild flowers. The ceremony is usually held outdoors, and the food is very simple.  

The outfits of the newlyweds also play a big role, as they bring real charm and igniting sparkle. 

The perfect fit for a bride would be rich and multi-layered lace, fringe combined with ethnic embroidery, lace, and ruffles. Style elements from glam and vintage can also be borrowed as they are able to give the image a slight feel of carelessness and outrageous, but nevertheless, the bride’s look should also seem light and comfortable. 

The image of the groom should be a little playful and free and easy at the expense of everyday pants, jeans, loose shirt, and casual jacket. Catchy suspenders, comfortable shoes or a nice headdress, cap or beret will also be perfect for the occasion. 



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